Savings for procurement

and efficiency for sales

BOS produces precision software products for sourcing and sales. BOS offers modern SaaS-ready software and related services such as helpdesk and product information maintenance services.

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Modern tools and services for procurement

With our systems, you can:

  • automate the collection of product- and supplier-specific sustainability data
  • prevent maverick buying
  • purchase using contract prices and improve the automatic matching of purchase invoices

BOS products and services
for Sourcing and Procurement

Collection of sustainability data

Automates the collection and management of sustainability data

Procurement system with catalogs

Mobile-friendly, directs purchases to contract suppliers

Automation of product registry maintenance

Automates the price maintenance of ERP/PIM system

SCM development service

Towards more fluent supply chain operations

Digital price list management for sales

  • We offer a product family for all kinds of pricing needs.
  • Our experts are specialists in technical trade with extensive experience of price list management and pricing.
  • Our pricing product significantly speeds up our customers’ operations by verifiying the pricing on behalf of our customers
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BOS Products and services
for sales

Pricing system

Automates and verifies pricing

Price list distributor

Automates the distribution of customer-specific price lists

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