Automation of ERP product registry maintenance

With BOS’s unique system and services, the maintenance of the product registry in ERP and PIM is automated and kept up-to-date all the time. BOS system together with accompanying services creates significant savings to sourcing.

Prices are always up-to-date and accurate

The price information in the product registry is always accurate. Prices in orders sent to suppliers are correct, ensuring that the prices on the invoices received from suppliers are also correct. This enables the automatic matching of purchase invoices with orders.


No more manual handling of broken excel spreadsheets!

Maintaining product registry items is typically managed by requesting suppliers to send updated product information in spreadsheets to the purchasing organization’s procurement staff, who then upload the data into the ERP or PIM. This manual work is entirely eliminated with BOS’s system and services. The savings are significant as the purchasing organization’s staff can focus on more essential tasks.

The system monitors changes to assortment and prices

With the BOS system, the procurement organization can easily verify the product information changes made by suppliers.


“BOS and the system deliver what they promise – our product registry is up-to-date, including prices, every day.” – Martti Moitus, Rexel Finland Oy

Frequently Asked Questions

         Why should the maintenance of the product registry be automated?

  • Significant Financial Savings: The BOS system with services eliminate all manual tasks related to ERP registry maintenance. Processing purchase invoices becomes more straightforward as the prices on the invoices are correct.
  • Quality of Operations: Manual maintenance of the ERP registry involves delays and introduces errors into product information.


        Why should the maintenance of the product registry be automated with BOS?

  • Unique BOS system and services: No other service provider offers such a system together with accompanying services.

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