Procurement system with catalogues

The BOS ordering system directs purchases to contract suppliers, ensuring that purchases are always made with contract prices. The procure-to-pay process is significantly streamlined as purchase invoices are automatically matched with orders, reducing the need for extensive invoice circulation as currently practiced.

BOS directs purchases to your contract suppliers

The BOS procurement system prevents maveric buying. The system includes catalogs from all your contract suppliers. This ensures that purchases are always made at contract prices, making procurement more cost-effective.

Assortment management and price change monitoring

Procurement personnel use the BOS system to ensure that only approved products or services are included in the assortment. Additionally, the system features tools for verifying price changes.

Save with automatic invoice matching

In the BOS system, the purchase prices of all products and services are always up-to-date. Purchase invoices automatically match orders, reducing the need for extensive invoice circulation as currently practiced.

Suitable for both occacional and professional buyers

The BOS procurement system is user-friendly and easy to use. The system is also mobile-friendly. Incomplete orders can be routed to professional buyers who complete them before placing orders with suppliers.

  • “BOS is our easiest system to use.” – Päivi Vähämäki, Kanta-Hämeen HVA
  • “With BOS, 80% of our purchase invoices automatically match.” – Mikko Mäkelä, NRC Group Finland

What sets BOS apart from other procurement service providers?

  • BOS specializes in price list management and procurement systems.
  • BOS collects catalogs from all contract suppliers and ensures they remain valid.
  • BOS helpdesk received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the autumn 2023 customer satisfaction survey.
  • The BOS system automatically configures itself to personnel and organizational changes.

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