SCM development service

With BOS’s supply chain development service, you can identify and prioritize the development areas of your supply chain. The development service is suitable for enhancing the information and material flows of inbound and outbound supply chains and analyzing sustainabililty data (such as CO2e and ESG data).

Award-winning BOS expert delivers the service

BOS’s Senior SCM Expert Ilari Mäkelä is an award-winning specialist in supply chain development. In addition to comprehensive expertise, Ilari has many years of industrial experience in operational development. He uses SCOR modeling, among other methods, to improve the supply chain.

Contents of the SCM development service

You can start with an existing development area (such as ESG/CO2/responsibility data analysis and management). Another approach is to form a big picture of the current supply chain situation and development areas, prioritize these areas, and define the actions needed to achieve the target state.

Our references

Yamaha-owned Buster boat manufacturer has used BOS’s SCM development service to improve supply chain management.

Frequently Asked Questions

          Why develop the supply chain?

  • A fluent and stable supply chain brings clear savings in both inbound and outbound supply chains.
  • It is better to be early than late in collecting, managing, and analyzing responsibility data.


        Why develop the supply chain with BOS?

  • BOS’s experience and expertise in supply chain development are unique in Finland.
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